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      We Buy Ugly Houses in New Orleans

      Sound too good to be true? You can sell your house for cash, no matter how ugly or dilapidated it is

      You don’t need to sink a ton of time or money into making your house presentable for sale — we’ll buy your ugly house as-is. Avoid investing in expensive home repairs and leave it to us. We’ll pay cash, and the whole process — from you contacting us to closing — should take 30 days or less.

      We buy all kinds of houses — old, new, big, small, beautiful, and not-so-much. Contact us to schedule a meeting and we’ll make a cash offer for your ugly home, on the spot. There is no obligation on your part to accept.

      Remember, you won’t even need to clean up the house, upgrade or fix broken appliances, or complete any repairs or maintenance — we’ll buy from you as-is. And there are no commission and no fees involved when you sell your home to us.

      Why Would You Want to Sell Your NOLA House for Cash?

      Our clients are typically individuals who want to sell their property immediately. Some common reasons sellers come to Big Easy Buyers for a fast solution include:

      We make a cash offer for every home we see at our initial meeting and walk-through. But you’ll have complete freedom to reject our offer if it doesn’t meet your needs or goals. We only move to close if you agree with the terms.

      Selling an ugly home — whether you decide to enlist professional help or DIY — is not for everyone. At Big Easy Buyers, we buy New Orleans houses for cash, which may be the right option for you. You can save money by avoiding a real estate agent and close as soon as possible. If your NOLA house is old and rundown, has pest or termite damage, or has been called “ugly” by your neighbors, we can make you a legitimate cash offer for your home.


        Contact us to schedule a meeting and get a cash offer on the spot.
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      How to Sell Your Ugly House for Cash

      Whatever condition your house is in, our four-step process is simple:


      Contact us online or by phone with some basic details about your property and to schedule a meeting at a time convenient for you.


      Meet us at your house at the scheduled time for a walk-through to assess its value, answer any questions, and discuss your goals for the property.


      Get a cash offer from us. No matter how ugly or in disrepair it is, you’ll get a cash offer for your house on the spot. No pressure. No obligation.


      If you accept the offer, we’ll sign an agreement and set a closing date ASAP. You’ll be paid in full — in cash — at closing.

      Let Us Buy Your Ugly House for Cash

      Unload your ugly New Orleans home without the stresses of major repairs, clean up, or remodeling. Big Easy Buyers can make you a cash offer on the spot. Contact us via phone or by filling out our quick online form above for a fast cash offer on your house.

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      Don’t Have the Funds to Fix Up Your Ugly House? We Can Help.

      If you want to avoid investing money into a house you just want to sell, Big Easy Buyers can make a cash offer for your not-so-awesome house. To learn more, check out the following articles and guides, or contact us by phone or online to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

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        Don’t spend time and money fixing up your ugly house before trying to sell it: Big Easy Buyers buys houses as-is, ugly or not, for cash on the spot.

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        Ensuring the quick and efficient sale of your home is critical to maintaining its value and your peace of mind. Here’s why you should consider selling fast and for cash.