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      Selling New Orleans Homes in Any Condition for Cash

      Selling your New Orleans house fast for cash is possible, and can be advantageous for some homeowners. But you may have questions about who we are, whom we serve, and how our process works. Here are in-depth answers to some common questions about Big Easy Buyers and selling your home for cash. If you still have questions, we are ready with answers. Call us at (504) 513-7878 or fill out our quick contact form for a prompt response.

      Who usually sells their houses to Big Easy Buyers?
      Our clients are typically motivated sellers — individuals who want to sell their property immediately. Some of the most common reasons sellers come to Big Easy Buyers for a fast solution include trouble making mortgage payments, inability to complete necessary and major home repairs, falling behind on paying property taxes, and inheriting property that they don’t want or cannot afford. If this describes your situation, give us a call!
      My lender is threatening foreclosure. How can Big Easy Buyers help me?
      If you are under threat of foreclosure in New Orleans because of late mortgage payments or property taxes that you can no longer afford, we can make a cash offer for your home on the spot so that you will be able to sell it before the bank takes possession and leaves you with nothing.
      Why should I choose Big Easy Buyers to help me sell my house?
      Big Easy Buyers knows how much work it is to sell a house, along with the time and expense involved. We will make you a cash offer on the spot for your home with no obligation to accept on your part.
      What are the advantages of selling my home to Big Easy Buyers as compared to working with a traditional realtor?
      A traditional realtor will charge you a commission for listing your home, typically about 6 percent of the sales price plus closing costs. With Big Easy Buyers, there are no financing contingencies or closing costs involved. Also, major home repairs may need to be completed prior to putting your house on the market, which can cost you a great amount of time and money. With Big Easy Buyers, we purchase your house as-is. Finally, selling your home with the assistance of a traditional realtor takes an average of 65 days, according to Realtor.com. Big Easy Buyers will make you a cash offer on the spot, and for most sellers, we close within 30 days.
      I've inherited some property I can't afford. Can Big Easy Buyers help me sell it?
      Yes! Many people inherit property that they don’t need or can’t afford, making them responsible for all the taxes associated with the property, even if they don’t live in the house or generate any income from it. Big Easy Buyers can help you get the cash you need for the inherited house you don’t — fast.
      Does Big Easy Buyers buy every house it is offered?
      We make a cash offer for every home we see at our initial meeting and walk-through. But you’ll have complete freedom to reject our offer if it doesn’t meet your needs or goals. We only move to close if Big Easy Buyers and the owner agree on terms.
      Will I have to pay fees or a commission to Big Easy Buyers?
      No, there are no fees or commissions involved when you sell your home to Big Easy Buyers. Just a cash offer on the spot. In some cases, a seller may be responsible for paying other fees or taxes on the property — but nothing to Big Easy Buyers.
      What is your cash offer based upon?
      Our offer will be in cash and will be based on the condition of your home at the time of our meeting with you. That means we’re taking into account the future cost of needed repairs or renovations on our end, so you don’t have to worry about the time or cost of that process.
      Is there any obligation on my part to accept your offer?
      No, there is no obligation on your part. If you decide to accept the offer, we’ll sign the required documentation and set a closing date as soon we possibly can — at which time you will receive full payment for your property in cash. If the offer isn’t right for you, we completely understand and there is no obligation. We’ll still answer any questions you may have on the home selling process and can connect you with a licensed realtor.
      If you buy my home, how soon will I have to move out?
      You will typically need to be completely moved out of the house by the actual closing date itself. If you need this extended, you are welcome to contact us in advance so arrangements can be made.
      If I decide to go the traditional route, can you connect me with a realtor in the New Orleans area?
      Yes, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the home-selling process and will connect you with a qualified realtor in the area.
      I owe back taxes on my home. Can Big Easy Buyers help me?
      Of course! We help homeowners avoid losing their New Orleans homes to foreclosure because of unpaid property taxes. Through our simple four-step process, you can sell your home now and resolve your tax delinquency issues. Use the cash payment received from Big Easy Buyers to pay off your tax and mortgage debt, and pocket the rest — before the government or bank gets involved.
      If I sell my home to you now, can I buy another home in a few years?
      Definitely. We’ll help free you from the burden of a home that doesn’t suit your situation so that you can get back on your feet and in a position to buy another home later, if you wish to do so. We can even connect you with an experienced realtor when the time comes.
      Will selling to Big Easy Buyers negatively affect my credit?
      No, in fact selling to us may help your credit, as you will be able to avoid falling behind on your mortgage payments, tax delinquency, and possible foreclosure in New Orleans — all situations that will most certainly have a negative impact on your credit. The cash payment you receive from Big Easy Buyers will allow you to pay off your creditors, not get further in debt.
      I'm currently renting my home out. Would you still want to buy it?
      Absolutely! We will take over any tenants you may have. We will need to know the current monthly rent amount, how many months remain on the rental agreement, and whether or not the tenant is current on their rental payments.

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