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      If you have hardwood floors hiding under old carpeting, it will pay to ditch the rugs and refinish the floors before you sell.

      Think Your House Is Too Ugly to Sell? Think Again.

      Have you been told your New Orleans house will never sell because it’s UGLY? As discouraging as that may sound, you have options. You can still sell your house for cash, no matter how ugly it is, and you won’t have to spend a penny fixing it up.

      Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

      Should You Fix up Your Home, or Sell It for Fast Cash?

      While quick updates before selling a home usually pay off, large, expensive projects may not. Here are some areas of your home that likely need some attention before it is put on the market:

      • Floors. If you have hardwood floors, that’s great — it’s what buyers want. If carpeting covers them, it would pay to have the carpeting removed and the floors refinished, but it will cost you. If you have ceramic tile, you’ll need to swap out broken tiles and clean or replace unsightly grout.
      • Walls. While you may or may not choose to freshen up wall paint, if you’ve got dated wallpaper, you should have it removed or do it yourself to save money. The same goes for wood paneling. You can paint over wallpaper, but dated paneling must go.
      • Ceilings. If your ceilings have cracks or show signs of a leaky roof, you’ll need to address that. If you have popcorn ceilings, you’ll want to remove the coating. Although this isn’t particularly expensive to do, the process is time-consuming, with lots of scraping involved.
      • Kitchen. If your cabinets have seen better days, consider resurfacing them, or if they are merely dated, you can paint the wood and install new hardware. Buyers love granite countertops, but they don’t want to see drippy faucets or discolored sinks.
      • Bathrooms. New floors, fixtures, and lights generally pay off in a bathroom. If you have carpeting there, remove it. If the tub is stained, consider having it refinished, and if you can’t get the shower doors clean, think about replacing those as well.
      • Roof and exterior. If your home needs a new roof, you’re going to have to replace it when you’re ready to sell your house, but don’t expect your new roof to increase the sale price of your home since it is generally considered ordinary maintenance.

      Heard enough? Homebuyers want to buy a house that is essentially move-in ready or that needs only cosmetic updates. It should have updated appliances, plumbing, electrical, and heating, and no visible maintenance issues. Anything less, and you’re looking at spending some money to get your home ready to sell, with no guarantee that you will recoup your investment when your home finally sells.

      Have an Ugly House? Sell It to Us

      We buy houses as is — helping you avoid expensive home repairs — and we pay cash at closing, which usually takes place in 30 days or less. We buy old houses, new houses, big houses, small houses, attractive houses, and not-so-attractive ones, too. Guaranteed.

      If you’re ready to sell your house but aren’t able or willing to put in the time and money it would take to make it presentable, contact Big Easy Buyers today to learn more about our simple 4-step process.