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      Behind on Property Taxes? You Have Options

      Sell Your New Orleans Home for Cash, Pay Off the Back Taxes, and Pocket the Rest

      Are Back Taxes Haunting You?

      Property taxes are essential to your local government, supplying the necessary funds to keep parks, libraries, and even public schools open and available to its residents. Because these taxes are so critical to a municipality’s budget, your local taxing authority will go to great lengths to collect what is due from homeowners, including selling your house.

      In some cases, your mortgage lender will front the funds to cover back property taxes, as this benefits the lender more than the alternative — the government selling a tax lien on the property. But generally, this would be the case only if you are current on mortgage payments.

      Some homeowners succeed in reducing their tax bill by having the value of their home reassessed. And sometimes a homeowner is able to obtain a tax abatement or exemption. But if you’re behind on paying property taxes and believe that you’re out of options, consider an alternative.

      How We Help New Orleans Homeowners Behind on Tax Payments

      If you can no longer afford property taxes and have fallen behind on payments, you could consider selling your house fast — for cash — using the money to pay off your tax and mortgage debt, and pocketing the rest.

      We help homeowners avoid losing their homes to foreclosure because of unpaid property taxes. With our fast and simple solutions, you can sell your home immediately and resolve your tax delinquency before the government or bank steps in. There is no need to prepare your house for sale or complete any repairs it may need. We can make you an immediate offer for your home, as is.


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      Pay Off Back Taxes in 4 Easy Steps

      Before you lose ownership of your home, along with any equity you’ve built up, Big Easy Buyers can help you take care of your tax liabilities and move on with your life. Here’s how it works:


      Contact us by phone or online with some basic details about your property and to schedule a meeting at a time convenient for you.


      We’ll meet at your house for a walk-through to assess its value, answer any questions, and discuss your goals for the property.


      No matter what, you’ll get a cash offer for your house on the spot based on its current condition. No pressure. No obligation.


      If you accept the offer, we’ll sign an agreement and set a closing date ASAP. You’ll get a cash payment in full at the closing.

      Struggling with Back Taxes? Big Easy Buyers Can Help.

      If you are looking for a quick and painless way to get out from under the back taxes you’re behind on, Big Easy Buyers offers fast and flexible solutions to help you sell the house, pay off delinquent taxes, and move on with your life. Contact us via phone or by filling out our quick online form above to set up a meeting at your earliest convenience.

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