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      Selling your “ugly” New Orleans house to a cash buyer is much quicker than going through a traditional real estate agent.

      Do you have an ugly house in New Orleans? You can still sell it.

      What is an “ugly house?” And is your house one of them? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, no matter how much you might love the place, when the time comes to sell an ugly house, getting a buyer might be difficult.

      What makes a house ugly? There are some factors that are easily fixed and some that are much more difficult. There’s a major difference between having a junked-up yard and having major mold issues. Some aspects of a property that could strike potential buyers as “ugly” include:

      • Substantial structural issues like a falling foundation
      • Marks on the ceiling showing previous leaks and water damage
      • Major water or termite damage
      • Presence of mold and mildew
      • Excessive peeling paint (which, in New Orleans, may indicate dangerous levels of lead)
      • Lack of air-conditioning
      • Persistent plumbing issues that will be expensive to repair
      • Shabby exterior, siding in disrepair
      • Long-neglected landscaping
      • Major appliances that are near the end of their useful lives

      Some other aspects are more subjective and intuitive, like being in an undesirable or inconvenient neighborhood or a high-crime area. Your house might have a history as a crime scene or a reputation for being haunted.

      Selling Your Ugly House

      It is possible to sell an ugly house. You have options. If your goal is to sell as quickly as possible, without busting your budget on major repairs and renovations, what can you do?

      Lowering the Price

      As long as your house is structurally sound it’s probably sellable. The key is taking an honest look at the issues and lowering the price accordingly. If your house needs repairs that you can’t afford or are unwilling to make, calculate their cost and subtract that from the value of your home.

      Finding a Cash Buyer in New Orleans

      Your best option might be to sell your house for cash to Big Easy Buyers. Traditional buyers might not be able to secure a bank loan on your house, or balk at the amount of work it will require. Going through a real estate agency will also take time and money out of your pocket for commissions and closing costs.

      Selling your property to a company like Big Easy Buyers is fast and consists of just a few easy steps. The whole process can be completed under 30 days — from a scheduled walkthrough to a cash offer on the spot to closing. If you need to sell your “ugly” house quickly, contact us online or call (504) 513-7878.