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      Selling an ugly house in New Orleans the old-fashioned way often means costly upgrades and repairs — with no guarantee that you’ll recoup your costs. Try a beautiful alternative.

      No New Orleans Home Too Ugly, Dilapidated, or Out of Style

      Trying to sell an ugly house in New Orleans can be an ugly proposition. But at Big Easy Buyers, we’re not intimidated by ugly houses. So don’t despair if you want to part with a home that is less than pulchritudinous in one or more of the following respects.

      Uninviting Exteriors

      A nicely landscaped yard with trees, shrubbery, and other accents gives your home curb appeal and can increase its property value by as much as 10 percent. On the other hand, when prospective buyers approach a house with an overgrown, unkempt front yard, many will just keep on driving. Not us. Unattractive landscaping won’t deter us from doing a walkthrough of your home and making a cash offer for it, as is, on the spot.

      Broken-down Bathroom

      Prospective buyers will notice if your bathroom lacks storage space. They’ll notice if it has a drippy sink, leaky tub, or wiggly toilet. They’ll notice if it has pile carpeting, pink tile, or flocked wallpaper. You could remodel to get rid of the dysfunction and eyesores. But maybe you don’t want to undertake — or simply cannot afford to undertake — such a costly upgrade.

      Colorless Kitchen

      Granite countertops and farmhouse cabinets are not everyone’s cup of tea. But some kitchens just don’t have any of the features or ambience that many homebuyers are looking for. An outdated kitchen with twenty-year-old appliances, Formica countertops, and linoleum floors gives a pretty good hint as to when the home was last remodeled — if ever. Gutting a kitchen can be extremely expensive. Save time and money by selling your home as is.

      Prospective New Orleans buyers are likely to see this living room as outdated and unattractive.

      Lackluster Living Room

      Does your living room feature wallpaper borders, wall-to-wall carpeting, matching furniture sets, and a predictable layout? If so, prospective buyers are likely to see it as outdated and unattractive. Sell to us, though, and you won’t have to worry about costly improvements. We don’t care how passé the decor is.

      Bleak Backyard

      Many home buyers are looking for appealing outdoor spaces, particularly in a backyard. They won’t be excited by a backyard featuring dead grass, low-lying areas with standing water, or leaning fences, especially if they have pets or young children. If landscaping the backyard isn’t on your list of things to do before you put your home up for sale, sell it as is instead. It’s fine with us if the property lacks a water feature, patio, or firepit.

      Other Off-Putting or Fraught Features

      If your home needs extensive repairs because of termites, lead, mold, a worn-out roof, or problems with the foundation, sure, you could pay to get all the hazards fixed. But there’s no guarantee you’ll recoup your investment when you sell. What is guaranteed, if you list your home with a realtor, is inspection and realtor fees. Sell it to us instead and these extensive and expensive repairs won’t be your problem.

      We Buy Ugly Houses Throughout the New Orleans Area

      If you want to sell an ugly home — no matter how ugly it may be — call Big Easy Buyers at (504) 513-7878 or email us. We’ll make you an offer on the spot. No pricey upgrades required.