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      Some buyers are looking for a fixer-upper home, but most want one that is move-in ready or will need only simple, cosmetic repairs. To avoid overwhelming expensive home repairs, consider selling your New Orleans home, as is, for cash.

      Why Unloading Your Home Quickly Might Be Your Best Option

      At the advice of a traditional realtor, many homeowners put large amounts of money into fixing up their houses for sale. They make repairs that a potential buyer might not even notice, or be willing to pay extra money for, adding to the time and expense of selling the home.

      While some buyers are looking for a fixer-upper home, most want one that is move-in ready or will need only simple, cosmetic repairs. Those who don’t want an updated home often cannot afford a more expensive home or are unwilling to pay what your home is actually worth.

      There are many reasons to sell your home as is, as opposed to the traditional way, such as:

      No Realtor Commissions

      When selling your home with the help of a realtor, you can expect to pay around 6 percent commission, plus closing costs amounting to 5 percent or more. When selling your house for cash, there are no financing contingencies or closing costs involved. Just an on-the-spot cash offer with no obligation — guaranteed.

      No Costly Repairs

      Before you can put your home up for sale with a realtor, there may be some things you need to fix or replace in order to make the house attractive to prospective buyers. Some of the more costly repairs, such as replacing a leaky roof or upgrading the heating or cooling system will undoubtedly prove to be quite pricey. If you sell your house for cash, you can avoid expensive home repairs altogether.

      Less Arduous Paperwork

      Unlike working with a listing agent and potentially a buyer’s lender, there won’t be mountains of paperwork to complete if you unload your home quickly for cash. We even offer motivated homeowners a simple, four-step process to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

      No Long, Drawn-Out Process

      Selling a home is usually a lot of work, and often takes a lot of time. Selling your home with the assistance of an agent typically takes an average of 65 days, but we will make you a cash offer on the spot and, if you choose to accept it, will close within 30 days.

      No Waiting for Your Money

      Selling your home the traditional way takes months, but our home-buying deals close within 30 days, the majority in just two weeks. If you decide to take us up on our offer, you’ll receive your full cash payment at closing, with no deductions taken for realtor commissions or closing costs.

      Why pay for repairs you won’t get to enjoy? If fixing up your home just so you can sell it to someone else doesn’t make sense to you, you may want to consider selling it as is instead. Contact us at (504) 513-7878 to learn about our 4-step process and how it can help you move forward today.