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      Selling your home on your own means you avoid commissions and closing costs. But you don’t avoid every kind of cost.

      Planning on selling your New Orleans home yourself? Either 1) follow these steps or 2) sell it for cash, fast.

      Selling your home without a realtor doesn’t have to be hard, especially in a hot New Orleans real estate market where homes are moving quickly.

      And there are benefits to selling your home yourself. Like:

      You don’t pay a commission.

      When you sell your home yourself, you don’t have to fork over a commission to a real estate agent. So you can lower your asking price by as much as six percent, making your home even more attractive to buyers.

      You have many ways to promote your New Orleans house.

      In the old days, you used newspaper ads and signs in the front yard to sell your home, and that was about it. Nowadays, though, technology and the Internet give you many more ways to pitch your property, enhanced by photos that you easily take yourself. You can even communicate directly with buyers on websites like Beycome and Fizber.

      You can use a multiple listing service and other tools.

      Multiple listing services were once available only to licensed real estate agents. If you are going the for-sale-by-owner route today, though, you can pay a flat fee to reach hundreds of potential buyers online on FSBO.com. You can also check out sites like Realtor.com and Zillow.com to easily review comparable listings in your neighborhood, get a good idea of the market, and determine a reasonable price.

      If your house needs fixing up, you can still sell it even if you can’t perform the fixes yourself. Buyers willing to purchase a home as is may not be able to afford a more expensive one. Perhaps they’re in the market specifically to find a fixer-upper and your home is exactly what they want.

      You can market your New Orleans home so it sells as quickly as possible.

      Once you decide to sell your home yourself, to sell fast you need to make a plan and act on it efficiently.

      Pre-listing tasks include settling on a price and preparing your home for sale.

      Pricing your home competitively is critical, so do learn what comparable homes in your area are selling for. Since you don’t have to deal with an agent’s commission, also make sure to shave a few percentage points off the going market price to help attract buyers.

      Let us take the financial burden of costly repairs off your shoulders with a fast cash payment for your New Orleans property.

      Unless your home is already in pristine condition, you must declutter, perform cosmetic repairs, and clean it thoroughly. If expensive home repairs are required, you must do those too if you want to sell your house fast and for the best price possible.

      After completing all essential preparatory tasks, you can advertise your home in local media outlets, list it at FSBO.com, place a sign on your front yard, hang flyers around the neighborhood, and host open houses and tours.

      If all this sounds like a lot of work . . . well, it is.

      Or let Big Easy Buyers give you cash right now for your NOLA house, just as it is.

      If you are unwilling or unable to take on the job of selling your home yourself and don’t want to work with a real estate agent, you can follow the example of many other home owners and let Big Easy Buyers buy your New Orleans home as is, for cash.

      You won’t have to bother with a single repair or improvement, arrange for a home inspection, or engage in tricky negotiations with buyers wheedling for a lower price.

      Is time of the essence? Fine. With Big Easy Buyers, close a deal on your house in 30 days or less, as opposed to the average of 65 days that elapse when you’re working with a real estate agent.

      Learn about the simple solutions we offer motivated sellers just like you throughout the Greater New Orleans area. To sell your New Orleans home fast and without a realtor, contact Big Easy Buyers.