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      Home improvement apps can help you work out a lot of details when you’re getting your New Orleans home ready to sell, including helping you determine if you should break the bank for expensive home repairs or consider other options such as selling your house for cash.

      Taking Stock of Costly Home Repairs & Upgrades

      Preparing a home for sale can seem overwhelming. Personal items need to be sorted and packed, and deferred repairs need to be completed. Also, it may pay off to apply fresh coats of paint or rearrange furniture to show off your home to its best advantage. Maybe you just think your home is too ugly to sell  as is.

      As with so many things, there are apps for that. Smartphone applications can help with measuring, estimating how much material to buy, giving interiors a finishing touch, and choosing contractors for projects that are not DIY.

      Measuring Your Job

      For under two bucks, the iHandy Carpenter for iPhone and Android includes five tools: a plumb bob level, for checking that lines and walls are vertical; a surface level; a bubble level bar; a ruler that can be swiped right and left to measure more than the screen; and a protractor for measuring angles from 0 to 180 degrees.

      Once you have your measurements, you may find it useful to superimpose them on photos of your room, using the Photo Measures app, recommended by John Corpuz of Tom’s Guide. The app notes measurements, angles, and notes with color-coded type, creating .jpg or .pdf images that are easy to organize and share.

      How Much Paint Do You Need?

      Another app recommended by Iris Price of Clark.com is Home Improvement Calcs for iOS. This app takes the measurements taken with the iHandy Carpenter, another favorite of Price’s, and uses them to calculate how much paint or wallpaper is needed, the right size ceiling fan, or how much mulch to buy.

      Android users can get many of the same calculations for free with Handyman Calculator.

      Looks That Sell

      It can be hard to imagine a different look for the home when you’ve lived in it for years, but the factors that caused you to choose a certain interior design may not be relevant to a potential buyer. Not everyone has a grandfather clock to use as the focal point for a room.

      With the TapPainter app, you use the app to take a photo of the wall you are thinking of painting. The app is set up to identify what is wall and what is countertop or shelf. Then you use the app’s color wheel to check out what different colors would look like on that wall. Once you have chosen a color, the app will identify the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint closest to your chosen color.

      Another paint-color selector is Project Color from The Home Depot, which analyzes the décor, lighting, and angles of your photograph to help you get an idea of how the paint color will look in your environment.

      To visualize how the sofa would look at an angle, instead of against the wall, consider using the free Homestyler app. You use the app to snap a photo of your space, then try out wall colors, décor items and furniture products from real brands.

      When Your House Repairs Are More Than DIY

      The Wikihow.com website has a section for home improvements and repairs that includes sections on appliances, brickwork, concrete, doors and windows, lighting, cabinets, drywall, painting, plumbing, and tiles.

      When there are projects that you are not comfortable doing yourself, there are a number of apps available for identifying contractors, getting price estimates, and scheduling work. Among them are HomeAdvisor and ServiceWhale. Also remember that Yelp reviews are available for services such as home improvement, as well as for restaurants.

      If you’ve taken stock of all the costly home repairs your house will likely need prior to selling it, you might consider selling your home for cash. Learn about the benefits of selling your New Orleans home as is before you break the bank to spruce up your abode for potential buyers.